5 Reasons to Bring Your Children to Crowhurst Park

5 Reasons to Bring Your Children to Crowhurst Park

In the modern world, we are always switched-on and busy. Whether we're working, reading news, meeting friends, etc. That's why it's important we spend what valuable time we have with our children, and help them to manage in the modern world.


  1. Learning New Skills

At Crowhurst Park, there is many an opportunity for fun, but also, for learning. We offer a wide-range of activties for both adults and children, including: Archery (Woodland and Target), Table-Tennis, Swimming, Disc Golf and Adventure Play, and many more. Your children will be able to learn these sports in a comfortable and safe environment, and who knows, they may even take it up as a regular hobby, or even one day become a professional at the sport! Inspire your child, and then they will do the rest.

  1. Valuable Bonding Time

As I stated in the introduction, in modern life, we just get busier and busier. That's why it's important to put time aside for your loved ones, especially your children. But sometimes, even spending time together isn't enough. Going out and sharing new experiences with your children will bring you closer to them; help you learn about them and them learn about you, while you both relax and enjoy yourselves. Think of the great memories you'll make together, that you can look back on and talk about in the years to come.

  1. Develop Your Child's Social Skills

Crowhurst Park also provides your child with the opportunity to develop their social skills. Social skills are crucial to surviving in today's modern world, with people socialising more than ever. One of the keys to successful adult life, and a successful career, is having good social skills. At Crowhurst Park, your child will learn to socialise with new people, in a new environment, interacting with other children and learning about others. This will help to improve their confidence and self-esteem, alongside other activities.

  1. Exercise

Everyone enjoys their technology, children included. Sometimes it's important to take a break from the iPhone, iPad, Playstation, etc. Crowhurst Park provides you with the opportunity to take your child away from the stressful modern world, and learn to appreciate the natural world and fun, physical activties. Crowhurst Park might even inspire them to get more active, even after their stay has ended, helping to build an ethic of physical health that will last their entire life.

  1. Alternative to Going Abroad

Crowhurst Park is a great alternative to going abroad for a holiday. More and more people are opting to go on holiday in their home country, instead of going abroad, for many good reasons. First of all, it saves money. You don't have to pay for plane tickets, travel insurances, foreign currency exchanges, etc. Secondly, it saves you a lot of stress. You don't have to worry about foreign languages, cultures, missing flight times and security. You can spend that saved money on more important things, or you can save it for your child's future.

  1. Therapeutic

There is also the psychological aspect that your child can benefit from. It's not only adults that benefit from having a break from the modern world; children need to disconnect occasionally too. With children growing up faster and faster, with more stress in their lives than ever before, it's important to allow them to de-stress and focus on what's important in life. To better understand themselves and the world around them. The holistic benefits of nature and exercise will teach your child an important lesson that schooling can't; that it's important to be present and “in the moment” to live life to the fullest.

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